Instruction for Presenters

Preparation of Presentation Video


Using online meeting systems such as Zoom and Google Meet must cause disadvantageous conditions due to time differences. To avoid this problem, IIAI AAI 2020 will use a streaming video system. Presenters will create video data of their presentations in advance and upload it. IIAI AAI 2020 Streaming Congress will provide a text-based Q&A function. Audiences can rate the favorite presentations.

Duration of presentation

Full paper presentation: 20-25 minutes

Short paper presentation: 15-20 minutes

Poster paper presentation: 10-15 minutes

Number of slides for presentation

No limitation. Poster presenter may use the poster instead of slides to record the video. 

When will my paper be presented?

The presentation video will be available to attendees on demand from September 1-15, 2020.

Presentation style

IIAI AAI 2020 recommends using video camera to record the presentation, using the presentation recording function of MS Power Point, using zoom or google meet to record your individual presentation, or other professional presentation recording tools.

Video Camera-recorded presentation

Slide-show with voice by MS Poswer Point

Useful links to create your presentation video

Video Presentation by MS Power Point 1

Video Presentation by MS Power Point 2

Using Zoom to record your individual presentation

Important dates for presenters

The upload period will begin around August 7. 

The deadline is scheduled for August 20.

Format and size of video

Upload your video files with mpeg4 format. 

The video file size should be no larger than 200Mb. If a larger file is uploaded, the organizer of IIAI AAI 2020 will reduce the size of the file to be used by the video streaming system. 

Upload the presentation video

Instructions for uploading will be sent out in a few days. If you did not received the e-mail after August 9, please contact us.

Authors will be required to upload a presentation video for each paper registered for participation.

Presentation video streaming system

IIAI AAI 2020 starts from September 1, 2020 and ends on September 15, 2020. 

Only registered attendees can participate in the web-based online congress. To enter, log in using the password provided at the time of registration and click on the Online Congress link in the menu at the top of the page.

Congress Tips

Receipt and invitation letter

Log in using the password given to the registration system, and you will find the buttons to issue your receipt and invitational letter at the bottom of the page.

Congress proceedings

It will be published by IEEE CPS on September 2020 and will be available on the IIAI AAI 2020 Streaming Congress system. 

Award presentation

IIAI AAI 2020 awards authors whose papers were highly evaluated in review of the submitted papers. 

Best paper award, outstanding paper award, best student paper award and honorable mention award will be selected. Award winners will be presented on the IIAI AAI 2020 Streaming Congress system around September 10, 2020.