AAI 2016 Special Session List

ESKM Special Sessions
ESKM-SS 1: Library Science and Digital Humanities

ESKM-SS 2: Multiple Media Processing for Intelligent Information Systems

ESKM-SS 3: Machine Learning and Data Mining

ESKM-SS 4: Agents and Social Intelligence

ESKM-SS 5: Sustainable Smart Mobility Platform

ESKM-SS 6: Knowledge Discovery from E-Commerce Data

ESKM-SS 7: Medical Mining

LTLE Special Sessions
LTLE-SS 1: Digital Learning Strategies and Applications

LTLE-SS 2: Learning support for a new educational paradigm

LTLE-SS 3: Game-based Educational Approach for Effective Learning

LTLE-SS 4: Recent Advances in Computational Education Systems Related to the Item Response Theory

DSIR Special Sessions
DSIR-SS 1: Delineating Institutional Performance of a Research University towards Future Institutional Design

DSIR-SS 2: Data Science of Research and Postgraduate Education

SCAI Special Sessions
SCAI-SS 1: Intelligent Systems and Applications for Web, Open Data, Social, and Complex Systems

SCAI-SS 2: Small Dataset Learning

SCAI-SS 3: Applied Biometrics

SCAI-SS 4: Human-centric computing

BMOT Special Sessions
BMOT-SS 1: Technology and Consumer Online Behavior

EAIS Special Sessions
EAIS-SS 1: IS Infrastructures

EAIS-SS 2: Web Applications

EAIS-SS 3: Storage and Networking Technologies

EAIS-SS 4: Supply chain management and industrial informatics applications

EAIS-SS 5: Systems Development

EAIS-SS 6: Optimization-directed approaches to realistic problems

EAIS-SS 7: Social Systems Science & ICT

SISS Special Sessions
SISS-SS 1: Social and Industrial Optimization