Special Session: University Research Administration and Data Science

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Title of Special Session:
University Research Administration and Data Science

Data Science and Institutional Research (DSIR 2015)

Special Session Organizer:
Daichi Kohmoto (Kyoto University, Japan)


The ever-increasing scale and scope of research activities both within Japan and internationally has led to a corresponding increase in the need for responsive research support structures. Over the last three years, there has been a notable rise in the number of university research administrators (URAs) in Japan. Equipped with diverse skills and perspectives, URAs are now involved in many different areas and activities relating to research. Such activities often include support for grant applications, identifying and coordinating collaborative research opportunities, professional development, and facilitating dialogue between academia, industry, and government. In addition, an increasing number of URAs are involved in internationalization efforts and the dissemination of research results to society through public engagement and outreach events.

Another new and significant area in which URAs may support researchers and their institutes is data science. By monitoring and analyzing relevant data, it is possible to develop new insights and provide further information and support to researchers and research projects. By working closely with researchers, URAs are uniquely positioned to understand and respond to their specific needs. A significant challenge is to extend this support to the institutional level by exploring analytical methods relating to research capabilities and the research environment.

In this session, we invite speakers including URAs in Japan and others from around the world with experience, for example, in analyzing research strengths with newly implemented methods, using new indicators for supporting research in the humanities and social sciences, or developing novel methodologies for effective collaborative research. This special session marks one of the first academic sessions in Japan to be held on University Research Administration and data science.

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