Special Session: Educational Applications Using Advanced ICT

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Title of Special Session:
Educational Applications Using Advanced ICT

Learning Technologies and Learning Engineering (LTLE 2015)

Special Session Organizer:
Kosuke Kaneko (Kyushu University, Japan)


With the rapid advancements of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), our education environments also have rapidly changed. For practicing an effective education program, it is important to use well-devised educational applications which learners can easily understand their target study. It is also important to think about effective method to motivate learner’s interest or their curiosity for their study and to continuously sustain these factors during their learning. For example, educational materials using 3D computer graphics technology and Augmented Reality can be one of the effective educational applications because these technologies can attractively represent three-dimensional structures which are difficult to represent on Paper-based materials. Advanced devices such as motion control devices, mobile devices, wearable devices etc. also have potentials to achieve effective education program because they can provide intuitive operations for learners during their study. Educational applications incorporating game-based design can have powers to make learner’s motivation high. SNS (Social Network Service) can be an effective tools for encouraging the competitive spirit of learners and keep learner’s motivation high by communicating their friends.

In this Special Section, we would like to recruit interesting researches about educational applications which are devised to motivate learner’s curious or which use advanced ICT for effective education program and we also want to discuss about its effectiveness for its target study field. Our recruiting research fields are Mobile Learning, Wearable System for Education, Gamification, Serious Game, Entertainment Computing for Education and its related fields. We are willingly waiting that you join this sessions, welcome!

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