Special Session: Plasma Technologies for Advanced Agriculture

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Title of Special Session:
Plasma Technologies for Advanced Agriculture

Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture (ICTA 2015)

Special Session Organizer:
Shin-ichi Aoqui (Sojo University, Japan)


At present grafting of many of engineering and technologies to the field of agriculture expands rapidly, as for the advanced agriculture, it will be with an important task of the 21st century. Especially atmospheric pressure discharge and plasma technologies spreads among many fields, such as plasma interaction of living thing and application to medicine or medical engineering are remarkable. Although past many studies of bioengineering or medical application of plasmas have been classified in laboratory system, application to an open system of atmospheric pressure plasma will become the future big challenge. Much technology development has already improvement of got worse by drainage, waste fluid processing as application of the open systems, but the development to the field of agriculture will attract attention in future. From a point of view that soil pollution and water pollution controls, moreover, a restraint of side-effects of a chemical medicine to be caused by a pesticide, technology development such as sterilization or sanitization in a dry environment, quality of water improvement in supplementary water for crops and soil reforming is expected. Furthermore, an environmental measurement using laser and plasma technology are expected widely. The applied studies to the field of next generation agriculture using atmospheric pressure discharge, equilibrium or nonequilibrium plasma are the viewpoints of this session.

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