Available Transportation to/from Yonago

(Last Update: 12:41 July 11, 2018)

Due to unusual heavy rain in the wide area of Japan, currently we have very limited access to Yonago. Still some trains and bus services are stopped or having limited operations. So here we would put some useful information to get to Yonago based on our own information and observations. Please give a priority on your safety and have a safe trip to/from Yonago.

At the time of writing this page, going to Yonago via Yonago Airport or Izumo Airport is one of the easiest ways you can take. Since Yonago Airport has limited access from domestic airports except for Tokyo(Haneda) Airport, use of Izumo Airport is a possible alternative when you are not in Tokyo now.

Also we found that some bus services from Osaka and Kobe will be in service from the afternoon of 8th July. If you are in Okayama or Himeji, it would be a good alternative to get to Yonago. On 10th of July, we have some bus services from/to Okayama, but it seems some small delays estimated.

We have some flights to Izumo Airport from Tokyo(Haneda), Nagoya(Komaki), Osaka, Sendai, Fukuoka, and Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport. It seems that some flights from/to Nagoya(Komaki) and Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport may have available seats to be booked. Especially when you are still in Okayama, Hiroshima, there might be no way to get to Yonago even in the end of 8th July. So it might be better to leave from there and go to Nagoya, Tokyo, or Shizuoka(Kakegawa) by Shinkansen to take some flights to Izumo (or Yonago) at these nearest airports.

To get to Yonago from Izumo Airport, you can take a shuttle bus from the airport to Matsue Station (1030 yen), and then take a local train to Yonago (approximately 30 minutes, 500 yen). It seems that the JR line from/to Izumo is in service.

It seems that it may need a long time (several weeks?) to resume Hakubi-line which is used by Yakumo express from Okayama to Yonago ( it has been announced that at least it will be out of service until 14th). Also another line from Tottori to HImeji (via Invi and Chito-express line) seems to require a time(a week and more?) for resuming its service. We recommend you to book a flight from Yonago or Izumo or a bus service to Osaka or Okayama for leaving from Yonago.

If you seriously want to take a train from/to Yonago to/from Okayama, Super Oki express is now in service. However, it takes 5 hours and more and only limited number of trains are operating. We recommend you to take a bus or flight unless you have some special reasons to choose it.


Useful Links

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Train Status for Chugoku area by West Japan Reailway(JR West)

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Train Status for Tokaido-Shinkansen Express by JR Central

Highway Status by NEXCO (in Japanese, helpful to estimate which bus lines will soon be available. Black line means “now closed”.)


We would update this page when we find some new information.


Note: In case you will have your presentation on 8th or 9th of July but you are having difficulties on coming to Yonago, please let us know  via the contact form and come to Yonago after buses/trains/flights are in service. We would try our best to re-schedule your presentation. (Since we are having many requests now, we may not immediately respond it.)