IIAI organizes and arranges symposia, workshops, and seminars to promote research on applied information science and technology. IIAI also becomes a sponsor of international conferences and workshops to support sponsorship to their organizations. IIAI carries out joint research projects and sponsored/extramural  research projects with R&D companies, universities and research institutes.


IIAI Core International Conference Series


Sponsored/Supported International Conference and Events

  • ASEAN-AI: The First IEEE International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence for ASEAN Development (ASEAN-AI 2018)


Past International Conference Series


IIAI International Conferences

  • International Conference on E-Service and Knowledge Management (ESKM)
  • International Conference on Learning Technologies and Learning Environments (LTLE)
  • International Conference on Data Science and Institutional Research (DSIR)
  • International Conference on Smart Computing and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI)
  • International Conference on Business Management of Technology (BMOT)
  • International Conference on Enterprise Architecture and Information Systems (EAIS)
  • International Conference on Interaction Design and Digital Creation / Computing (IDDC)
  • International Conference on Social Informatics and Systems Science (SISS)


IIAI International Conferences to be held

  • IIAI ICASEIS: IIAI International Conference on Advanced Software Engineering and Information Systems
  • IIAI ICCSA: IIAI International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications
  • IIAI ICT4SD: International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development
  • IIAI ICATI: International Conference on Advanced Tourism Informatics
  • IIAI IFATRD: International Forum on Asian Tourism Resources and Developments


IIAI International Seminar Series

  • ICTHRD Human Resource Development Workshop


IIAI MICE Seminar Series (in Japanese)


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