Concept of a Unified Research Management System and its Application to Data Clustering

  • Hiroshi Masui Kitami Institute of Technology
  • Kei Kikuchi
  • Ren Kurose
  • Xun Shao
Keywords: Cloud computing, Open Science, Open Research Data, Cloud Orchestration, Data Clustering


We propose a concept of a unified research management system (URMS) by utilizing services of cloud computing for the purpose of promoting the open science. In our concept, the important point of URMS is to combine different could services and to provide the services with an optimized combination for researchers according to the concerned scientific activity. We show the total concept and applications of URMS. Further, in order to illustrate our scenario for promoting the open science on URMS, we show an actual method for data clustering and discuss how the result from the clustering gives an impact to the promotion of the open science.


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