Analysis of Laboratories Electrical Energy Consumption by Visualization for Saving Electrical Energy

  • Ichinari Sato Tohoku University
  • Diptarama Tohoku University
  • Kaizaburo Chubachi Tohoku University
  • Ryo Yoshinaka Tohoku University
  • Ayumi Shinohara Tohoku University
Keywords: energy saving, data visualization, energy consumption, heatmap


Saving electrical energy is an important task because the energy consumption is increasing but the resources are limited. Analyzing the electrical energy usage pattern of an institute is important to find a method to save electricity because the method to save electricity can be different depending on the usage pattern. Visualization is a good method to analyze the usage pattern and to present the analysis result to the public. In this paper, we analyze and visualize the electric energy consumption of all laboratories in a building. We also develop a system that automatically processes the electrical energy consumption and visualizes it in real time.


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