Analysis of the Lottery Process for Liberal Arts Class Placement at the University of Hyogo using the PDCA Cycle

  • Yoshihiko Shoji University of Hyogo
  • Yoshihiro Kokubo University of Hyogo
Keywords: Institutional Research, PDCA Cycle, University Organization


The section for Institutional Research was renewed in 2015 at the University of Hyogo. One of its first projects was reforming the rules regarding the placement for liberal arts classes. The initial mission was to create a new schedule for the guidance, application, class placement lottery, and registration by new students. This reform process was crucial for the section because the more serious future challenge is not data collection and analysis, but how to improve the university. Herein we explain several results from our first project and how they lead to improvements using the PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Act) cycle.

Author Biographies

Yoshihiko Shoji, University of Hyogo
Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry
Yoshihiro Kokubo, University of Hyogo
Graduate School of Engineering


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