Synthesis of Choreography for Service robots by poses extracted from a Ningyo Joruri’s Acting script using the Associative model

  • Masahiko Narita Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
Keywords: Service Robot, Choreography, Joruri Puppets, Acting script, Associative model


What we should do with service robots to attract people’s attention and communicate more smoothly? We are proceeding with the robot OSONO project, which is referring to Ningyo Joruri puppets, with the theme of utilizing expressions that incorporate the "Performing arts and technology" that has been passed down through the ages. In this paper, we propose the associative model that clarifies the correspondence between Ningyo Joruri’s acting script of the performance, which does not include any choreographic information, and the actual choreography in the performance by the meaning. This is the key to systematize the choreography from Ningyo Joruri acting scripts. And by using these, we verify that the natural choreography of the service robot was created and synthesized. This method can provide highly diverse and flexible choreography than choreography based on "emotion", which is widely used currently.


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