Suitable Scalability Management Model for Software-Defined Perimeter Based on Zero-Trust Model

  • Shigeaki Tanimoto Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Palmo Yangchen Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Hiroyuki Sato The University of Tokyo
  • Atsushi Kanai Hosei University
Keywords: Software-defined perimeter, Digital transformation, Zero-trust model, Scalability


The software-defined perimeter (SDP), a zero-trust model developed by the Cloud Security Alliance, has been attracting attention in the technological industry since its introduction to a world adapting to digital transformation. Many trust models have been introduced to meet the growing demands for cyber security, such as the public key infrastructure, soft-ware-defined network, and virtual private network. SDP has particularly gained importance as a zero-trust model because no one in the digital world can be trusted. With the introduction of new models and technical devices, there is now a need to improve newly introduced technology on various grounds when customers adapt to devices. In this work, we discuss how to overcome the current issues of SDP relating to scalability, reliability, usability, etc. As the number of organizations that share information online continues to expand, there is a need for scalable and reliable SDP models that are both easy to maintain and cost efficient for evolving organizations. To meet this need, we proposed several scalable SDP models that enable easier installation management of real networks of organizations with different organizational structures. Specifically, we propose hierarchical, bridge, hybrid, and mesh models. The results of qualitative and quantitative evaluations showed that the bridge model is the most suitable of the four as an extension of SDP.

Author Biography

Shigeaki Tanimoto, Chiba Institute of Technology
Professor Faculty of Social Systems Science


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