Development of OSONO, a Service Robot with Reference to “Joruri puppet”, and its Choreography

  • Masahiko Narita Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Sachiko Nakagawa Aoyama Gakuin University
Keywords: Robot Services, Physical Properties, Choreography, Service Robot, Joruri Puppets


It is expected that various service robots will be widely used and utilized in commercial facilities where coexistence and affinity with humans are required, as well as business spaces such as public facilities, tourist facilities, nursing care and welfare facilities. These service robots are required to attract people and to enable to exchange messages with each other. For one of this solution, by our original methodology, we have developed a physical robot named OSONO, with referencing to the Japanese traditional puppet theater, which is registered as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage. In this paper, we propose our method to develop a robot with fine design, extract and analyze choreography of Joruri puppet, and reconstruct choreography. Particularly, we verify that this method realizes excellent choreography even a robot has a small number of actuators.


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