Secure Architecture of Visible Light Communication System for Market Expansion

  • Shigeaki Tanimoto Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Chise Nakamura Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Motoi Iwashita Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Shinsuke Matsui Chiba Institute of Technology
  • Takashi Hatashima NTT Secure Platform Laboratories
  • Hitoshi Fuji NTT Secure Platform Laboratories
  • Kazuhiko Ohkubo NTT Secure Platform Laboratories
  • Junichi Egawa EXGEN NETWORKS Co.Ltd.
  • Yohsuke Kinouchi Tokushima University
Keywords: Location Authentication, Optical Location Authentication ID, Visible Light Communication, Public Key Cryptography, ID Management


Progress in visible light technology has provided increased opportunities for new mobile communication infrastructures and business creation using visible light communication (VLC). This paper proposes a secure business architecture for VLC market expansion through a combination of VLC technologies, public key cryptography, power line communication, and ID management technology. The proposed architecture provides the light source of an LED with an optical location authentication ID characterized by a strict location authentication that enciphers data using public key cryptography. The network between the server for distributing the optical location authentication ID and the LED light source enables high security using power line communication. In addition, scalability can be achieved securely by means of the ID management technology. The results of an evaluation clarified the suitability of this architecture for utilization in concrete business services. Used in combination with VLC, it will contribute to the market expansion of new business related to optical electronic value trading platforms, optical digital signage, and optical Fintech.

Author Biography

Shigeaki Tanimoto, Chiba Institute of Technology
Professor Faculty of Social Systems Science


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