Motivation Analysis of Foreign Participants to International Conferences Held in Japan

  • Yasushi Sugiyama Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Tokuro Matsuo Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Hidekazu Iwamoto Josai International University
  • Teruhisa Hochin Kyoto Institute of Technology
Keywords: International Conventions, MICE, Questionnaire Research, Foreign Visitors, Sightseeing


In this paper, we analyzed the questionnaire survey conducted at the international convention held in Japan. Since it is known that venue and social event are important elements to attract participants for international convention, we focused on them. And for the foreign participants, we also analyzed the intention of visiting Japan. Then, we discussed for what is the interest and expectation by comparison in nationality and gender. Furthermore, as a result, we found some trends in the difference of nationality between Asian and Non-Asian. On the other hand, there was no clear difference in gender. These knowledge could help to organizer to make a planning of attractive convention.


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