CyExec - Training Platform for Cybersecurity Education Based on a Virtual Environment

Keywords: cybersecurity, education, training platform, CyExec


In this paper, we propose the CyExec, an effective cybersecurity training platform in a attacks, are increasing rapidly, and a large number of cybersecurity incidents are frequently occurring. On the other hand, capable personnel is much lacking, becoming an urgent issue that strengthens the systematic human resource development cultivating capabilities for cybersecurity activities. Only a few parts of universities and companies in Japan are conducting education using an effective training system on the market because of expensive and difficult to use that adopted and operation the training system like Cyber Range in higher education institutions and SMEs. On this account, we developed a virtual environment named Cyber Security Exercises (CyExec) system utilizing VirtualBox and Docker to enforce practical cybersecurity exercises cost-effectively and flexibly. In our proposal, we imported the implementation of the OSS vulnerability diagnosis in our system, and developed and implemented a cyberattack and defense training program based on the WebGoat that cybersecurity training system program.


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