Improving User Experience of C Programming Language Learning System for Beginners in Error Correction Learning

  • Shimpei Matsumoto Hiroshima Institute of Technology
  • Shuichi Yamagishi Hiroshima Institute of Technology
  • Kosuke Kaida Hello C Development Community
Keywords: User experience, C language, development environment, beginners


This paper aims to improve user experience of C language development environment for beginners, Hello C, which our previous researches have developed. To examine effective user experience, we conducted two kinds of experiments. The one was the experiment with the learning task of fixing syntax errors to evaluate the method to convey error messages. This experimental result suggested that the indication of the error message like scripting language may be effective even C language learning. Next, we also conducted the other experiment with the learning task of fixing I/O errors and examined the effectiveness to convey the closeness to the correct answer. This experimental result suggested that utilizing the concept of small steps could support acquiring the skill of programming.


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Technical Papers (Learning Technologies and Learning Environments)