Evaluation of Boarding Time of Aircraft Considering Inexperienced Passengers

  • Yoichi Utsunomiya Aichi Prefectural University
  • Yuko Tomiyama Aichi Prefectural University
  • Takashi Okuda Aichi Prefectural University
Keywords: Aircraft, Boarding order, Inexperienced Passengers, Multi-agent simulation


Air transport companies want to serve all flights on time. However, aircraft departure time is delayed by that there are inexperienced passengers. Inexperienced passengers are customers who do not listen to selfish behavior or announcements. In this study, we evaluated the boarding process of passengers in aircraft by multi-agent simulation in consideration of the inexperienced passengers. We evaluated 6 types of boarding process and several patterns of passengers’ behavior. Even if there were inexperienced passengers, the shortest process of average boarding time was in reverse pyramid order. However, this boarding sequence is the most complicated of the six types of boarding processes. The Rear-to-front order is a common process. However, if the proportion of inexperienced passengers is high, boarding time will be long.


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