Practice for Self-Regulatory Learning using Google Forms: Report and Perspectives

  • Toshiyasu Kato Nippon Institute of Technology
  • Yasushi Kambayashi Nippon Institute of Technology
  • Yasushi Kodama Hosei University
Keywords: Self-Regulatory Learning, Metacognition, Google Forms


This paper presents a study that supports students who reflect their own learning in a face-to-face class, and then reports the results. Typically we have implemented Web exercises by using Google Forms as the place for self-learning and continual reflections. We have performed the text mining to "Devised it" of the Web exercises. We have observed the transformation from mentally passive word "Do" to active word "Examine it". We report how the Google Forms motivates students’ self-regulatory learning. Based on these findings, we also present a prospect for a lesson that draws out the subjectivity of students.


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