Proposal and evaluation of logging archiving algorithm for developing MOC Supporter: software tool to support Management of Change (MOC) execution


Changes in criteria, procedure and method of maintenance or design of chemical and nuclear plants caused large-scale accidents in the past. The resulting emphasis on Management of Change led to formulating guidelines such as Process Safety Management (hereafter OSHA/PSM) and increased ability to prevent accidents. However, Management of Change (hereafter MOC) does not appear to have performed appropriately due to issues such as lack of recognition of MOC and implementation burden. This avoidance of MOC caused insufficient accumulation and sharing of information data, which in turn resulted in accidents. This study describes the development of MOC Supporter, a software system designed to help execute MOC and solve the lack of information accumulation and sharing. MOC Supporter will provide safety by supporting appropriate execution of MOC protocol, acquisition and management of logs which enable backward trace.

This paper reports on a proposal for an algorithm to accumulate logs, evaluate whether the logs obtained by this algorithm can realize backward trace, and the design and imple- mentation for development of MOC Supporter.


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