The role of the Product platform in the Service Sys-tem Architecture: Case Studies of Mobile Health De-vices Using Smartphones

  • Toshinobu Ohnishi
  • Kosaka Michitaka


A service platform has a modular structure that consists of resources in a service system and plays an important role of facilitating the interaction among stakeholders for value creation and liquefying and bundling their resources. Resource liquefaction and bundles in a service platform has a common concept in a product platform. Both platforms have building relationship by modules as devices or resources in common. Through focusing on common point, we can refer to ingredients of a product platform in a service system and relationship between a product platform and a service system. In this research, we evaluated the role of a product platform in a service system through multiple case studies. As findings in this research, resource liquefaction by a product platform facilitates modification of stakeholders’ role and resource bundles by a product platform facilitate coordination of resources and community integration. Also, a product platform in a service system has a role of integrating and coordinating modular and sub-service systems and facilitates forming a service system and actors’ value creation.

Technical Papers (Information and Communication Technology)